What is FCP Group Philippines,Inc.?

Over the years, the task of building administration and maintenance has evolved into the singular profession of property management. What initially began as a relatively unsynchronized activities between different heads supervising housekeeping maintenance, building utilities, security and dues collection eventually produced a situation that requires the adoption of a unified and coordinated application of expertise and experience of various individuals. By its very nature, scope and dynamism, this undertaking necessitates the collective talents of a group of consulting professionals who serves as the support and data bank reference of the on-site personnel who delivers and executes the multi-faceted requirements of property management. Such support must be readily accessible and totally reliable to ensure a smooth and profitable operation.

Property Management embraces activities and exercises on property housekeeping, utilities maintenance,security operations, safety emergency preparedness, property law and ordinance, administration,billing and collection, complaints management and a host of other deeds that contribute to the preservation of or increase in the value of an investment, which in this case, is the Property. The types of properties may include residential developments, office and commercial establishments, recreational and leisure clubs, industrial and manufacturing facilities, learning institutions or vast tracts of land.

Corporate Background

FCP is a highly progressive, consolidated Property and Facilities Management company whose strength and expertise derive from a large pool of seasoned professionals, engineers and skilled technicians who banded themselves as one cohesive team to allow greater latitude and efficiency in servicing the specialized requirements of a burgeoning industry.

It was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 15, 2007 and as a corporate entity, FCP has attained leadership status, earning recognition and building a solid reputation as a highly competent, credible and reliable service provider in the property management field.

Its firm background and impressive track record established in previous years and prior to consolidation has enabled FCP to effectively compete and evenly match the capabilities of multi-national companies engaged in similar ventures, consistently maintaining in the process, its excellent quality management performance.

FCP management system is compliant with the provisions of ISO-9001:2008 Quality Management System. As such, it stays firmly rooted on customer focus, accountability and traceability, performance integrity and continual improvement.

Our Corporate Mission

Our corporate mission is to provide the full competence and resources of property management that are applicable, legitimate and unique to the profile of the project we serve and maintain among our clients, a level of relationship grounded on trust, confidence, transparency and complete satisfaction.

Our Corporate Vision

We intend to achieve large-scale recognition, build a lasting reputation by virtue of our quality operations and services standards and be acknowledged as a totally reliable service provider in the industry. We likewise aim to create a favorable climate conducive to the professional and economic growth of our employees who constitute the key element of our success.

Our Corporate Mission Core Compass

In Setting Performance Targets

Our Quality Policy is predicated upon a set of core values that serve as our guide in setting and accomplishing our objectives.

1.We believe that customer focus is the key to business success and continuity. We identify our customers as the Clients, the corporate personnel, and the suppliers.

2.We stay learned and innovative with our service. Our corporate teams exercise continual improvement in the workplace and in work attitude.

3.Our performance output must be measurable, documented and implemented in all areas and by all members of the corporate organization. The output must stay aligned with customer focus.

4.The Corporation must continue upgrading its Quality System and must adhere to the standards of ISO 9001:2008, QMS.

5.All personnel must endeavor to communicate and observe close coordination with all staff within the organization.

6. Marketing is deemed everyone’s responsibility. All actions and interactions must be geared towards productivity, profitability and quality returns to the Corporation.